IUI Treatment in Delhi

Intra-Uterine insemination (IUI) is the most popular ART techniques in the world. It is the most helpful way to conceive naturally. It includes injecting high quality of sperms directly into the uterus and as nearest as possible to the fallopian tubes. We use the best equipment to derive the highest quality of sperms from the semen by removing the sluggish, abnormal and non-moving sperms. These high-quality sperms are then injected into the uterus through the cervix with the help of a thin catheter.

The entire process of IUI in Delhi is painless and it only requires great aftercare and attention. This process is generally combined with the use of fertility drugs in order to stimulate ovaries to produce matured eggs.

The IUI treatment in Delhi, India will indirectly increase the chances of fertilization and help you to conceive naturally.

How does IUI work? Step By Step IUI Procedure

We have helped hundreds of couples to conceive naturally with our advanced IUI in Delhi. Our IUI procedure in Delhi includes consulting with the best fertility doctors.

Step 1: consulting and diagnosing

After a detailed examination of the reproductive systems in the IUI consultation, our experts will conduct a series of tests which generally includes blood tests and ultrasounds. After getting a complete diagnosis of your fertility issue, our IVF doctors will guide you to pick the best Intra uterine insemination (IUI) procedure in Delhi to increase the chances of conception in the most natural ways.

Step 2: Ovulation induction

If you are selecting the IUI treatment then you will be then scheduled for the ovulation induction. Ovulation induction is the process to stimulate the ovaries to release multiple eggs to increase the chances of fertilization. Every month, only one egg is released by the ovaries and that is why you will have only one chance of getting pregnant. But with the ovulation induction, we will stimulate your hormones FSH to release multiple matured eggs every month. We will prescribe you an appropriate dosage of fertility drugs to help you ovulate properly.

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Step 3: Semen collection

While your ovulation induction process is running, your spouse will be advised to provide a fresh semen sample naturally. If your spouse has any difficulty in erection and ejaculation, then he will be then further treated for TESA which is the surgical method of retrieving sperms directly from the testicles. It is a costly process and also needs proper care.

Step 4: Semen analyzing

After collecting the fresh semen, our laboratory technicians process it to extract high quality of sperms by removing the sluggish and abnormal ones. The sperms are then carefully frozen and then thawed before inserting them into the uterus.

Step 5: Inseminating

This is the last step of the IUI process which includes inserting high-quality sperms directly into the uterus and as near as possible to the fallopian tubes. With the help f catheter and under the guidance of an ultrasound, our experts perfectly placed the sperms into the uterus through the cervix. This entire process increases the sperm cells that are placed in the uterus and thus, it enhances the chances of conception in the most natural way.

Step 6: Confirming Pregnancy

All these steps of the IUI process take only a few minutes and include minimal discomfort. After all this, the next step is to watch the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. After two weeks of the insemination, we will schedule your appointment for the pregnancy test. If this test comes positive you will remain under the great care at our Best IVF centre in Delhi, India.

When an IVF Specialist suggest for IUI Treatment

We, as the best IVF doctor in Delhi will suggest IUI treatment in Delhi for the following cases like:

  • Couples without any major fertility issues
  • Couples who just want to increase the chances of fertilization
  • Couples with unexplained fertility issues
  • Single women without suffering from any infertility issues, but wants to have a baby
  • Couples who failed to have vaginal intercourse due to physical disability
  • HIV positive couples who need help to conceive without passing the disease to the unborn

Patients who are not recommended for IUI

The following patients are not the ideal candidates for the IUI treatment consultation.

  • Women with the severe fallopian disease
  • Women with blocked fallopian tubes
  • Women with a chronic pelvic infection
  • Women with severe endometriosis

IUI Success Rate in Delhi

Although the IUI success rate in Delhi depends on many aspects, the couple can still give it a try to increase the chances of fertilization. The success rate also depends on the number of cycles performed each month. If the couple performed the IUI each month, the success rate will be as high as 20%. The Intrauterine insemination (IUI) success rate in Delhi is directly proportionate to the age of women, the type of infertility and the time of infertility. Yes, the IUI Cost in Delhi is less expensive than IVF and so does the pregnancy rate is also lower than the test tube baby treatment.

Factors that affect IUI Success Rate in Delhi

The success rate for IUI in Delhi varies from one couple to another. Besides, the IUI success also depends on the IVF doctor’s skills, utilization of the advanced technology, the usage of fertility drugs and lastly, the strong intention that is required to get pregnant. Still, below are the factors are directly or indirectly associated with the success rate of inseminations.

  • Age of women: The younger you are the higher chances you will have for pregnancy. As women ages, the natural cycle of her reproductive system getting slower and thus, it will take time for conception.
  • Type of infertility: There are various kinds of infertility and IUI is more successful with minor infertility issues like minor ovaries disorder and others. It is not advisable for severe infertility like blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Time of infertility: The sooner you will consult with the IVF expert, the better chances you will have to conceive. The time of infertility also plays a great role in the success and failure of IUI treatment.
  • The number of cycles: The more the number of IUI cycles, the higher the chances of fertilization you will get. The couples can have a 20% higher chance of pregnancy if they perform the IUI cycle every month.
  • Fertility drugs: The success or failure of IUI also depends on the dosage of fertility drugs. The fertility drugs used for ovulation stimulation can be oral or they can be injectable. The injectable drugs offer higher chances of pregnancy.
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How can I make my IUI successful?

Although fertility drugs are used to increase your fertility during the IUI process, you can also contribute to increasing the pregnancy rate by eating whole foods like fruits and vegetable. Also, you don’t need to take any stress during your IUI process. You can also take daily vitamin and folic acid supplements as prescribed by our doctors. Stay hydrated, happy and positive always.

Is bed rest required after IUI?

You just need to take bed rest for 20 minutes after introducing the sperms into the uterus. Although you can carry on your regular duties, it is advisable to take bed rest for at least a day or two in order to enhance the pregnancy rate.

How long does it take for fertilization after IUI?

IUI is a process where the gametes are fertilized naturally. The job of the IUI expert is to enhance the chances of fertilization by stimulating the ovaries and by extracting high quality of sperms. With the use of highly advanced technology, we place the sperms as near as possible to fallopian tubes to increase the chances of fertilization. You can wait for two weeks to observe the sings of fertilization. We will schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with IUI?

The chances of getting pregnant with IUI depend on your age, your type of infertility and how long you are having infertility. Still, the couple can increase their chances of conception by 20% if they are prepared for IUI cycle every month.

How soon after IUI can you feel pregnancy symptoms?

Some of the earliest pregnancy symptoms can start around 6 days after the conception. Your body will begin to prepare for pregnancy immediately after the egg is fertilized. You might notice spotting and cramping after 6 to 12 days and then you can observe the early signs of pregnancy like mood swing, morning sickness, fatigue, breast soreness, and others.