Patients Success Stories

A Patients Perspective after Undergoing Hysteroscopy

As a doctor, it is easier for us to suggest surgery to a patient. But its equally difficult for a patient to get prepared for it. Here are some comforting thoughts & advice from a patient’s experience after surgery taken best hysteroscopy surgery from the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR.

Successful Pregnancy Result after Hysteroscopic Polypectomy

Christmas becomes even more special when you see such smiling faces. These couples have achieved positive pregnancy results within a month after Hysteroscopic polypectomy, at an age of 37 with low AMH. Everything seemed so difficult until but we got success with minimal intervention only. Some medicines, a scarless surgery is all that is needed sometimes IVF is not required in all cases and Minimal Intervention with a targeted approach is the key.

Achieved Successful Pregnancy within First IVF Cycle

As these couples are suffering from infertility issue they visit our IVF centre in Delhi for treatment and with the first IVF cycle, they achieved a successful pregnancy without any issue.

LOW AMH & Infertility Successful Pregnancy in spite of Having Low AMH

Daily at least one woman come to me with a blood report of Low AMH. The majority are being advised to go for treatment of ART (Artificial Reproductive Technique) i.e. IVF (commonly known as Test Tube Baby) with donor eggs. This is an extremely stressful situation for the woman being labeled as infertile due to a low number of eggs i.e. having a low ovarian reserve. They need proper counseling and stepwise treatment involving medical management followed by IVF in case there is no spontaneous conception even after medicines. Surprisingly, many such women conceive spontaneously within 1-3 months of medical treatment. There may be two subsets of patients presenting with low AMH – One group having a reduced quantity of eggs owing to the age of the patient etc and the Second group having reduced quantity as well as poor quality of eggs. The first group usually conceives spontaneously & go on to have a successful live birth later on. The second group on the other hand usually is unable to conceive on the first hand and even if conception occurs they are more prone to have a miscarriage later on. We don’t have any marker at present to differentiate these two subsets. Usually, women with previous spontaneous conception, prior normal pregnancy, having regular menstrual cycles and showing only isolated Low AMH as a marker of Poor Ovarian Reserve, have better chances of conceiving naturally and giving birth to a healthy baby after nine months.

Patient Experience After Laparoscopic Myomectomy(Removal of Fibroids)

A young female with multiple fibroids in uterus underwent Laparoscopic Myomectomy i.e. removal of 7 fibroids including onebroadligament..

Achieved Successful Pregnancy in First IVF Cycle in Delhi

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Many couples faced first IVF cycle most of time. At the IVF Center in Delhi a couple who were suffering from infertility, achieved the Successful IVF result in First IVF cycle.

IVF Success Story of a Struggled Infertile Couple

Mr Jetha Gulab Singh from Mangrol, Junagadh district in Gujarat visited the best IVF Doctor – Dr Vaishali Sharma MD (AIIMS) for the Infertility Treatment. As they have struggled with unsuccessful IVF treatment from many other IVF hospitals, they were hopeless. But now Mrs Jetha Gulab Singh achieved Pregnancy after 10yrs of marriage with the first cycle of IVF at the Top IVF Center. Really it’s a boon for couples facing difficulty in achieving pregnancy.

IUI Success Story- Pregnancy At 40yrs Of Age

The lady who had been struggling from infertility for many years achieved the Pregnancy at the age 40. After many failed infertility treatments from other IVF hospitals, but then one of her friends suggested our IVF clinic, and now she is pregnant at 40yrs of age.

Patient Experience After Ovary Cyst Treatment By Dr. Vaishali Sharma

I was looking for the Best gynaecologist for my sister as she was diagnosed with a large cyst when she was 2 month pregnant.

Patient Experience After Infertility Treatment By Dr. Vaishali Sharma

We were married for 5yrs and were trying for baby. We consulted many doctors in Nepal, Bihar as well as in Delhi, but couldn’t get a positive result….

Patient Experience After Uterine Polyp Treatment By Dr. Vaishali Sharma

We found out about Dr Vaishali from Google and visited her for consultation as we were trying for pregnancy for 3 yrs but invain.

Best Successful Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment in Delhi

This patient visits us for laparoscopic surgery and she fixed a meeting with Dr. Vaishali Sharma and within a week patient got successful laparoscopic surgery treatment in Delhi. And now patient is feeling much better with this treatment process. And now she is expressing their feelings of happiness in this Video.

Success Story of Gujarati Couple first IVF Attempt Pregnancy

A Gujarati couple visited as for successful IVF treatment and within the first attempt, they have achieved pregnancy. And the couple is very happy and expressing their views sweetly in the Gujarati language.

Infertility Patient Success Story Achieved Pregnancy with Low AMH

An infertility patients with low AMH is not getting positive pregnancy test. So she visited many IVF doctors but still not get any positive pregnancy result. And she found Dr. vaishali Sharma who is the best IVF doctor in Delhi and consulted his problem. And within 3 months of treatment she achieved pregnancy.

Success Story of infertile Couple with Multiple Failed Treatments at Before

These couples are suffering from infertility issue for a very long time they have tried so many times to conceive a baby but not get any success with many infertility treatments at before. But after a long time when somebody suggested them to go to the best IVF doctor in Delhi Dr. Vaishali Sharma. And then after visiting within the first attempt she suggest them for some tests to diagnosis the exact infertility issues then start the IVF treatment procedure and now got positive pregnancy report.

The IVF Success Story of a South Indian Couple at First Attempt Pregnancy

The South Indian couple which are suffering from infertility and try many treatments in many fertility hospitals. But when they visited to the Best IVF centre in Delhi, at there they meet the IVF specialist Dr Vaishali who treated them after track the infertility problem reasons. Now the South Indian couple is so happy with successful IVF treatments.

Infertility does not Always Mean IVF

A couple visited us some months ago and they said they have infertility issue but later when Dr. Vaishali Sharma checked the couples. She does not found any infertility issue. And Dr. Vaishali Sharma suggested them to try to conceive a baby in a natural way by following some medications. Later couples achieved pregnancy within a month without IVF treatment.

Successful IVF Treatment within First IVF Cycle

This couple is suffering from infertility issue for a long time later someone suggested them to visit Dr. Vaishali Sharma because she is the best Gynaecologist in Delhi. And when the couple visited us they achieved successful pregnancy within the first IVF treatment cycle also in very reasonable cost.

Low AMH – Dilemmas & Options’ from an Infertility Specialist’s perspective

In this webinar, Dr. Vaishali Sharma talks on ‘Low AMH – Dilemmas & Options’ from an Infertility Specialist’s perspective.