IMSI Treatment in Delhi

IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection is a method that allows the specialist to pick the best sperm with no deformities and inject a single sperm directly into each egg of women to enhance the rates of implantation and pregnancy. IMSI Treatment in Delhi provides you with the great experience of infertility treatment with a high success rate. This IMSI method was developed by a team of Benjamin Bartoov in the year 2004, they experiment it to select those sperms with a shape and size which contain good genetic quality. As a result, the rate of pregnancy in patients increased by 30% to 66%.

IMSI in Delhi

India is a country where the IMSI is provided under very low costs, the reason behind to offer very reasonable cost is that the fertility specialist in india hospitals and clients wish to see a smiling face of each individual. They want to help the struggling individuals to have their own baby but because of infertility, they are unable to become pregnant naturally. IMSI is similar to ICSI but here the only difference is that it is faster than ICSI and the results are better. Also, we provide the best test tube baby cost in Delhi with the IMSI procedure.

Recently many IVF centre in Delhi NCR and in south Delhi has installed a new microscope machine which shows the development in IVF also, which will allow specialists to find the best quality sperm and carrying out the test tube baby procedure of ICSI. Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection magnifies the image of the sperm 7200 times and allows doctors to find and pick the best looking healthier sperms. The machine is an advanced version of the technology of ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, having the magnification capacity increase by 16 times than ICSI.

ICSI treatment in Delhi is a technique where an egg is held and injected in the sperm of male patients, with the help of a machine called micromanipulator. In case the male patients had no sperm, then sperms are obtained with the help of doing a testicular biopsy. After that, fertilization occurs outside the body of a woman. The baby or embryo is developed outside the body of the mother and later it is placed inside the mother.

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The Growth of IMSI in Delhi

IMSI increases the success rate among men with undeveloped prognosis and as a result, it comes more beneficial than ICSI in Patients, who have already faced two IVF or ICSI failures. Also, it is equally popular in couples with unexplained infertility. As it is proven that IMSI resulted in better egg fertilization rates, better rates of blastocyst formation, better quality embryos and that better pregnancy rates. The fertility experts of IMSI treatment in India prefer IMSI as compared to traditional methods of finding and selecting the sperm where they can assess the sperm abnormalities at 400 times and they will select the sperm which is more normal to microinject into the woman’s womb to increase the success of pregnancy.

Here are the patients who might benefit from this IMSI are

  • Those with sperm demonstrating a high DNA fragmentation and increased spermatozoa, conditions that accompany oligoasthenospermia.
  • Patients with two and more failure of IVF or ICSI
  • Couple with unexplained infertility. As IMSI resulted in better egg fertilization rate, better rate of the blastocyst, better quality embryos and better pregnancy rates.
  • Couples recurrent biochemical pregnancies/miscarriages or experiencing recurrent IVF failures

Why is IMSI Delhi Performed?

IMSI is a real-time method to fertility experts under our IVF hospital and will select the quality sperm. This procedure is performed by highly skilled and trained professionals who have experience of using the inverted microscope to get much greater magnifying power around 6000 times. With the help of this technology, the fertility expert is able to view the internal morphology of sperm and helps them to remove the abnormalities associated with sperms.

IMSI is the procedure that is performed under anesthesia and the fertility expert will collect the eggs by using the ultrasound-guided vaginal probe. After the expert collects the eggs they will be placed in the laboratory and embryologist will look for the signs of fertilization. After fertilization, it will transfer the resulting embryo into the uterus of women to achieve the success of pregnancy. The IVF success rate with IMSI is very high as compared to the regular IVF method.

After the embryo is implanted the rate of IMSI treatment in Delhi is increased and reaches around 75 to 85% which is high compared to other developed countries. This is the reason that most of the patients internationally travel in larger number for their IMSI fertility treatment every year.

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What are the success rates of IMSI?

The study shows that IMSI technology increased the success rate from 33% to 66%

When IMSI is recommended?

IMSI is recommended under the following circumstances:

  • The male partner’s sperm counts are less
  • The semen sample contains a higher level of abnormally shaped cells
  • The previous outcomes have been negative

What to better ART treatment ICSI or IMSI?

The sperm micromanipulation like ICSI is very useful for treating couples in which the male partner has a less or no sperm concentration or motility or both. Also, the study has shown that IMSI, using spermatozoa selected under high magnification mainly associated with more pregnancy rates in couples with repeated implantation failures.

What is the cost of IMSI treatment in India?

IMSI includes micro-injecting morphologically best and high-quality sperm into women womb. This is the reason IMSI success rate is believed to be higher than conventional ICSI. The success rate greatly varies on a case by case but the IMSI cost is a reasonable procedure at the selected hospitals and clinics. The average IMSI cost in India is around USD 500 in addition to the ICSI treatment. The extra cost includes when you utilize the highly skilled and experienced professionals who perform Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) with IVF. Also, the cost of IMSI in India is low compared to other developed countries. IMSI is a method where sperm tests are tested under a lens which is just about 6000 times and this is more effective than ICSI magnifying lens.

What are the advantages of IMSI?

Since it is possible to extract the healthiest, most motile and the potent sperm cells it gives the advantages in increasing the success rates of the fertilization process.