IVF cost in Delhi

What is the IVF Cost In Delhi?

The basic IVF cost in Delhi includes all the standard diagnostic, procedures, medication prescribed by the IVF doctor average ranges between Rs. 1.25 to Rs. 2.55 lakhs per IVF cycle. Many couples who have already spend the same amount as Rs. 4,00000 to Rs. 5,00000 for IVF treatment in Delhi. The cost of IVF in Delhi can vary clinic to clinic or person to person it not fixed cost, but Dr Vaishali Sharma offer low cost IVF treatment with high success rate of IVF in Delhi.

IVF is an emerging trend these days to solve the infertility problem suffering by more than 30% of young couples. We are the top IVF centre in Delhi, offer affordable successful IVF treatment with low IVF treatment cost in Delhi. Our affordable IVF treatment cost helped many females to overcome with undiagnosed infertility and to support the males who are suffering from impotence and other fertility problems.

IVF treatment cost in Delhi

As the capital of the country, Delhi is the hub for all the major treatments including the IVF. We are the top IVF centre in Delhi offer a high success rate with the use of latest technology. Yearly, thousands of couples visit the city in order to seek the best medical attention for their fertility treatment. With our affordable IVF treatment cost in Delhi, we are able to help hundreds of couple to successfully complete their fertility treatment and start their family. We offer the first free consultation which has made our services really affordable to the couples for all the economic background.

Cost of IVF along with advanced treatments

Sometimes, IVF treatment can be combined with other additional treatments which affect the cost of the treatment. You can find the costs of IVF treatments when it is combined with additional treatments.

Basic IVF treatment cost: The basic IVF treatment cost ranges from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 250,000. It only includes the process of egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertilization, and fresh embryo transfer.

IVF cost with ICSI: ICSI is an advanced technology which enhances the chances of fertilization. The IVF cost with the ICSI treatment ranges from Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 300,000.

IVF cost with FET: The frozen embryo transfer enhances the chances of implantation by improving the process of conception. The cost of IVF with FET will be Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 300,000.

IVF cost with PESA, TESA, and TESE: In IVF treatment, if the male partner fails to retrieve the sperm naturally, then there will be a surgical way to retrieve sperms which are known as PESA, TESA, and TESE. As it is an invasive way to get sperms, it is quite expensive. The IVF cost with TESA might range from Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 500,000.

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IVF cost with sperm donor program: When all the methods of retrieving sperms have failed, we suggest taking the help of donor sperm. The IVF cost including the cost of sperm donor will be Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 250,000.

IVF cost with egg donation: In some cases, women are unfortunate to ovulate at all, even with the fertility drugs. In these cases, we suggest taking the help of egg donation. We allow you to select the egg donor after a detailed investigation. The overall cost of IVF with the egg donation is Rs. 180,000 to Rs. 350,000.

IVF cost with embryo donation: When couples completed their family and still have spare frozen embryos, we suggest them to donate them to the needy couples. The IVF with embryo donation is like adopting a child. The IVF cost with embryo donation will be Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 250,000.

IVF cost with Surrogacy: Surrogacy is also the best option for women who are unable to bear the weight of the child. The surrogacy cost is the highest cost as you have to bear all the expense of the surrogate mother. The IVF cost with surrogacy is Rs. 350,000 to Rs. 550,000.

IVF cost with PGS/PGD: Sometimes, we advised patients to determine the chromosomes of the embryo in order to diagnose any kind of genetic disorder. The IVF cost with a pre-implantation genetic screen will be Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 250,000.

IVF treatment cost table

IVF Treatments Rs (Indian Rupees)
Basic IVF treatment 80,000 to 250,000
IVF with ICSI 200,000 to 350,000
IVF with FET 150,000 to 300,000
IVF with PESA, TESA and TESE 250,000 to 500,000
IVF with sperm donor program 100,000 to 250,000
IVF with egg donation 180,000 to 350,000
IVF with embryo donation 50,000 to 250,000
IVF with Surrogacy 350,000 to 550,000
IVF with PGS/PGD 150,000 to 250,000

Factors associated with the cost of IVF treatment

Apart from the type of treatment, the overall cost of IVF treatment is directly proportionate to many factors which are described below:

  • Cost of medicines: The average IVF medication cost will be between Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000. This will include the hormone stimulating injections, progesterone medicines, and other fertility drugs that support the IVF treatment.
  • A number of cycles: The number of IVF cycles, the more cost you need to spend for the IVF treatment. The success rate of IVF treatment associated with the age of the women, the younger the women is the higher the success is.
  • Cost of living: As the capital, you will find the most affordable cost of living including the food, the accommodation, medications, and other facilities. So, if you are traveling from other cities, you don’t need to consider the cost of living during your IVF treatment in our clinic.
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Does my health insurance cover the cost of IVF treatment?

The common health insurance policies do no cover the cost of IVF treatment. But there are few reputed insurance companies which started including it as the best option for an infertile couple. These companies are also providing cashless facilities in order to cover the maternity expense of the first two children. All your expenses including the hormone assessment, diagnosis, operation theater expense, anesthesia charges will be covered under the health insurance policies. Besides, medicines and fertility drugs are not covered by the health insurance company.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment?

The average success rate of IVF treatment is around 40% for women under the age of 35, 30% for the age of 40 and just 9% for women above the age of 40 to 45 years.

What is the cost of IVF medicines?

IVF medication includes major fertility drugs and hormone stimulating injections. The overall cost of IVF medications during the entire IVF cycle will be around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000.

What to do to reduce the cost of IVF treatment?

If you want to reduce the cost of IVF treatment, then you need to treat your infertility immediately. There are few ways for some infertility problems which help you to reduce the cost of fertility treatment. You can consult for the IUI treatment first prior to jumping to the IVF treatment. If you are suffering from blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, then you can also consider the tube reversal process instead of IVF. You can even reduce the IVF cost by freezing the embryos fertilized by the previous IVF cycle. You can use these frozen embryos for future pregnancies or you can simply donate them if you have completed your family.

What is the actual cost of a single IVF cycle?

The actual cost of a single IVF cycle ranges between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 200,000. This only includes the fertilization process induced with the couple’s gametes only. This cost does not include any other additional and advanced fertility treatments like ICSI, FET, PGS, and others.

Does the IVF treatment cost really affordable?

The IVF treatment cost may seem expensive, but it is as affordable as any other medical treatment. The cost of a single IVF cycle is Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 250,000 which has created an array of hope for many infertile couples with the low economic background. Besides, the availability of the latest technology and high expertise of the IVF doctor have encouraged the infertile couples to seek advanced medical attention for their problems. We as the top IVF clinic in Delhi offer first free consultation to the couples in order to help them come with a proper solution for their infertility.

Information About Delhi

  • Dr Vaishali Sharma clinic is the best IVF centre in Delhi, which located in the Greater Kailash, Delhi.
  • The official name of Delhi is National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT).
  • Delhi divided into two part which is New Delhi and Old Delhi
  • Dr Vaishali Sharma looks forward to providing you with the affordable IVF Cost in Delhi.
  • Delhi city is India’s union territory containing New Delhi, India’s capital.
  • Delhi is the second-highest city in India after Mumbai by population.
  • The nearest cities of Delhi are Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida and it is known as the Delhi NCR.
  • Today Delhi city stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing cities.
  • The National Capital Region (NCR) is also the centre of Delhi.
  • Delhi is one of the best places for any treatment with low cost from top doctors.
  • Delhi’s postal code starts as of 110001.
  • Delhi is formed by many Subdivisions including Chanakyapuri, Delhi Cantonment, Vasant Vihar, Alipur, Dwarka, Rohini, Hauz Khas, Patel Nagar, Mehrauli, Kapashera, Mayur Vihar, Defence Colony, Hauz Khas, Saket, Kalkaji, Rajouri Garden and lots more.
  • Delhi telephone Code starts from + 91 11.
  • Delhi is India’s largest Metropolitan City, situated on the bank of Yamuna River.
  • Delhi is a city with a rich history, attractions and nightlife.
  • Lotus Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Connaught Place, Iron pillar of Delhi, Akshardham temple and India Gate are a top tourist attraction of Delhi.
  • In Delhi, there are 11 administration areas which are New Delhi, North Delhi, North West Delhi, West Delhi, South West Delhi, South Delhi, South East Delhi, Central Delhi, North East Delhi, Shahdara, East Delhi.