IVF Cost in India

IVF Cost in India varies from patient to patient and IVF clinic to clinkInfertility is a growing problem of today’s life; both husbands and wives have high-pressure jobs and are career-oriented. Nowadays, there is less time for family development. After marriage, when a couple plans a child, it results in a long struggle. Usually, in dissapontement, couples are ready to take any step to complete the childhood dream sooner. Most couples find it challenging to become children and work with issues of infertility naturally. As such, IVF treatment is considered to be the best treatment for dealing with infertility.

Why is India preferred as the Best destination for IVF treatment?

Every year, in thousands of couples from different countries and with various health conditions, come to India for the affordable IVF treatments with high success rate. Our famous IVF specialists and reproductive experts in India come to Delhi for your IVF treatment. Delhi is one of the top places to treat IVF.

  • Free second option consulting that will save the cost of your IVF process in large proportion. To make it a cost-effective, India has numerous and some of the best IVF center in India.
  • Availability of the latest technology, UK and US Like developed countries are very high.
  • It offers low cost treatment compared to other countries.
  • Experienced IVF specialists who are skilled and qualified as the rest of the world IVF specialists.
  • Modern procedures and techniques for various types of infertility treatment
  • Educated, t qualified and experienced employees for healthy communication for international patients
  • Medical travel advisers to find the best solution for global sterilization for their infertility.

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Factors Affecting IVF Treatment Costs

The cost of IVF treatment depends on the need for elements, the need for donors and the number of techniques that are selected by couples facing the offspring and the kind of IVF treatment the patient is given. This means IVF treatment costs are about Rs. Up to 80,000 and up to Rs. In 250,000 India, IVF treatment costs may be in addition to the following factors.

Female age and IVF cycle number

It has been estimated that 32% of women under age 35 have a successful pregnancy by IVF treatment. For more than 35 years, she may need to become pregnant more IVF cycles. Thus, the cost you should consider when choosing IVF treatment is directly related to age.

Eggs or sperm donor

Sperm donor costs can add more bucks. From 5000 to 12,000 for treatment, the cost of egg donors can be 45,000 because they have to undergo a surgical procedure to recover the eggs. You can consider them if you need eggs or sperm for your treatment.


It can add up to 50,000 to Rs. 150,000, which is higher than your IVF cycle. Thus, if you think about surrogacy, you should consider the fees given to the fetus.

Embryo donor

In some cases, couples decide to freeze the fetus so that they can give birth to a baby later on. Frozen fetus transfer costs are between 20,000 and 30,000.


Sperm injection is usually done to treat the uterus of male infertility. In this process, to increase the potential of successful fertilization, the sperm is injected directly into the egg. Rs. 45,000 for your IVF treatment.

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