Fertility Preservation in India

With fertility preservation in India, all the biological activities are paused until it is thawed. The fertility preservation in India needs cryopreserving agents which will minimize the damage to the cells during freezing and thawing processes. There are different kinds of fertility preservations in India including semen preservation, egg preservation, and embryo preservation. This treatment is ideal for patients who are recovered from cancer and want to become parents. The patients can preserve their semen, eggs or embryos and store them in a bank for future fertility treatment.

We as the best IVF centre in India, freeze the cells to subzero temperature generally below -195 degree Celsius.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation is a technique where the sperms, oocytes or embryos are preserved for future use in order to achieve success IVF treatment. During the process, the laboratory will freeze the sperm by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures. In short, fertility preservation in India is used to restore hope for patients suffering from cancers. The process also includes the freezing for extra embryos obtained from the IVF cycle. We at our advanced IVF hospital in India used two methods for preserving fertility including the slow freezing technique and the vitrification technique.

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Embryo preservation

Embryo freezing is a vital part of an IVF cycle. The patients can freeze their good quality of eggs and embryos for future pregnancies. The high-quality embryos that are not transferred to the uterus can be stored in the laboratory and preserved for future IVF cycles. We only preserve high-quality embryos that are survived to the blastocyst stage.

Semen preservation

We also offer semen preservation for men. Semen preservation is advisable to men who are having high risks of injuries like a military professional. Besides, men who are suffering from cancer and will be exposed to radiation and chemotherapy are also a good candidate for semen preservation.

Oocyte Preservation

It is popularly known as egg preservation. Just like men, women can also preserve the oocyte i.e. eggs for future pregnancies. Working women can preserve their eggs in order to cope up with their career and can have a family later. This will help them to beat their natural reproductive cycle. Also, cancer patients can also preserve their eggs prior to the exposure to radiation.

People Who Can Take Benefits from Fertility Preservation There are various benefits of fertility preservations. We as the best IVF doctor in India offer fertility preservation benefits to the following patients.

  • Men with a very limited number of spermatozoa
  • Men with high abnormal semen parameters
  • Cancer patients who will be exposed to radiation and chemotherapy
  • Patients with severe testicular surgeries
  • Professionals with significant risks of severe injuries like military officials
  • Men undergoing surgical sterilization like vasectomy
  • Patients suffering from a degenerative illness like spinal cord disease, multiple sclerosis

Fertility Preserving Options for Males

Men can preserve the semen for future. Our male fertility preservation options include the preservation of semen for future. We conduct two methods for preserving the semen including the slow freezing and vitrification. In Slow freezing methods, the sperms will be frozen slowly and then maintained at the low sub-zero temperature. While in the vitrification method, the sperms are placed into a special solution and then placed into liquid nitrogen without any delay. This method is a breakthrough process of preservation and also offers higher pregnancy rates.

Our embryologists are highly skilled in both these techniques and we are pride ourselves in fertility preservation in India. Semen preservation is essential for men who are suffering from malignancies and will be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. It is advisable to preserve their semen prior to exposure to these treatments after consulting with the IVF specialist in India. It is also ideal for a member of the military who might lose their ability to produce sperm in the future due to injuries.

Fertility Preserving Options For Women

There are many female fertility preserving options available. The women fertility preserving options include stimulating, extracting and freezing of woman’s eggs. These eggs can be thawed for several years and can be fertilized later to create embryos. Then the embryos can be transferred to the uterus to get pregnant.

It offers women with cancer the chance to preserve their oocytes prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Besides, working women who don’t want to be a parent can preserve the eggs for future pregnancies. Lastly, women without a history of early menopause are also the ideal candidate for egg preserving. We, as the best IVF specialist in India have the special facility of oocyte and embryo preservation for women who want IVF with egg donation and for those who want to preserve their eggs to expand the family in the future.

When should to visit a doctor about fertility preservation?

If you are planning cancer treatment and want to preserve your fertility, then you can consult with our best IVF doctor in India to discuss the possible chances of damage to your reproductive systems. Once your cancer therapy session begins, you will completely lose your fertility and for many women, methods of fertility preservation will be done during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle. And for this, you need to be in constant communication with your IVF specialist in India.

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Can fertility preservation interfere with successful cancer therapy?

The fertility preservation can be done prior to cancer therapy. The fertility preservation treatment cannot interfere with successful cancer therapy. Once, your cancer therapy starts, you might lose your fertility. The IVF experts can work to preserve your reproductive systems from damages happened by the radiation and chemotherapy. You can take the Gonadal shielding in order to protect your ovaries from radiation exposure.

What can parents do to preserve the fertility of a child who has cancer?

Some cancer treatments may affect how a boy’s testes and girl’s ovaries work. This may last for a shorter period of time or may last for a lifetime. In short, cancer treatment can affect the fertility of the child. The options for preserving the fertility of a child are limited and quite expensive. There are certain methods to preserve fertility for the girl child. The ovaries can be removed before the therapy and can be put back after the successful cancer treatment. While egg freezing is also an option for girls reached puberty. Besides, ovarian tissue freezing is also the advisable way for a girl child.

For a male child who has not gone through puberty, testicular tissue freezing is advisable which will help him to be a father in the future. And for a child about the age of 13, sperms can be found in their semen samples which then can be preserved for fertility treatment.

How can women preserve fertility before cancer treatment?

There are different types of methods available for women to preserve their fertility before cancer treatment. The women need to consult with the IVF expert in order to discuss the best possible way to preserve the fertility including the eggs freezing, Gonadal shielding, ovarian tissue preservation, ovarian suppression, embryo preservation. In many cases of young women, they may experience the return of their fertility naturally. While in some cases, the IVF experts may prescribe fertility drugs to restore fertility after successful cancer treatment.

What fertility-preserving options are available?

Different fertility preservation options are available for men and women who want to preserve their fertility for the future. The fertility preservation options available for women are embryo preservation, egg freezing, Gonadal shielding, ovarian transposition, surgical removal of the cervix, ovarian tissue preservation, ovarian suppression before cancer therapy. Besides, there are two options available for men including semen preservation and Gonadal shielding.