IUI Cost in India

When it comes to IUI cost in India, the complexity and the requirement of the infertile couple are the major factors. You need to spend as little as Rs. 4500 to Rs.5000 as the average IUI cost in India for a single cycle. In order to conceive a baby, you also consider the number of IUI cycles along with the IUI cost. The IUI treatment success rate is better than other fertility treatments and it is available at an affordable budget.

Intrauterine insemination is the best, safest and most effective treatment to treat female infertility. To find out the actual cost of IUI treatment process, you need to see the advice of a fertility expert at the reputed fertility centre in India. The IUI treatment in India offers the most competitive price as compare to other cities.

IUI Process Cost in India

For IUI treatment, you need to consider many factors. There are many things that you need to consider like the age of couples, their medical history and their type of infertility to determine the actual fertility cost. The IUI treatment cost in India is as low as Rs. 6000 and much more competitive when compared to the other fertility treatments.

Step By Step IUI Procedure

Pre-Testing for IUI

Your fertility expert will recommend a few important diagnoses in order to proceed with the IUI treatment. Ultrasound & Blood Monitoring: ultrasounds recommended every other day during mid-cycle. This helps the doctors track the number of eggs and their development.

Step 1: Stimulate Egg cell Growth:

This process is used to stimulate the maturation of eggs.

Step 2: Trigger Shots

When the egg matures, a trigger injection is given for the release of the eggs by a nurse at the IVF clinic.

After 36 hours of giving this trigger injection, your IUI is proceeding.

Step 3: Pregnancy Test:

In order to solidify the pregnancy, the pregnancy test is advised.

When is IUI Treatment Recommended?

This treatment is ideal for a woman who has unexplained fertility and endometriosis.

How Does IUI Treatment Help Fertility?

This treatment helps the couple to increase the chances of pregnancy and to complete the family. This treatment is effective as compared to other fertility treatments.

What are the costs of IUI cycles in India?

Natural Cycle IUI Treatment Cost

The natural cycle IUI only requires the purification of the semen and injecting it into the uterus as near as possible to the fallopian tubes. It only requires the charge of removing the sluggish semen and collecting high-quality sperm for the treatment.

Clomid or Letrozole with IUI Cost

This process begins when you have your next period and then a blood test is conducted to confirm the pregnancy. The entire cycle will increase the cost of Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000 including the oral drugs which will enhance the chances of pregnancy.

Gonadotropins with IUI

The IUI treatment with Gonadotropins is recommended for women who ovulate irregularly or who do not ovulate at all. In case you require Gonadotropins along with the IUI treatment, then your fertility doctor will advise you to conduct few tests like the blood test, the transvaginal ultrasound, and many other tests in order to increase the success rate of getting pregnant naturally.

The major aim behind these two hormones in the combination of Gonadotropins is to stimulate the ovaries enough to generate healthy eggs. These two major hormones in the body named as luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone and these are very much necessary to produce the ovarian follicles. Your gynaecologist will inject these two drugs in order to stimulate the ovulation in the IUI treatment along with Gonadotropins. In this treatment, the overall cost will increase up to Rs. 50,000.

Factors That Influence IUI Cost in India

There will be the different cost of IUI in India as it will depend on different factors including the couple’s age, their medical history, their type of infertility and also on different plans, medications, and clinics.

Number of Cycles

The average of 10 to 20 percent of the woman is successful who are below 30 years. The success rate in a single cycle for the woman who is below 40 is only 10 percent and it is only 5 percent for a woman who is above 40. The fertility experts will charge for a single IUI cycle and multiple cycles will increase the rate.

Age of Woman

The age of the woman is also the most important factor in determining the cost and success rate of IUI treatment. The cost of IUI treatment for the young woman is lower and it is higher for older women.

Medications for Ovulation Stimulation

You must have to spend Rs. 600 to Rs. 6000 per cycle as the oral medication cost for stimulating ovulation. The IUI process cost can go up depending on whether you are taking oral medication or injections. The average price of oral drugs named as clomifene can range from Rs. 600 to Rs. 6500 depending on the required dosage. For ovulation stimulation, you need to spend around Rs. 4000 per cycle for medications.

Follicle Monitoring

Follicle Monitoring and development are then carefully monitored during treatments as well. A series of 3 or 4 ultrasound scans are carried out this increases the cost of IUI. The ultrasound can increase the IUI cost in India by Rs. 2000 to Rs. 6000 depending on the location of the clinic.

How Successful is IUI Treatment in India

The success rate of IUI is increasing and decreasing and based on many factors. The couple can increase their chances of conceiving if they performed the cycle every month. There are few factors like the age of the female, the type of infertility, the experience of the doctor and the fertility drugs used by the doctors, all of these determine the success rate of IUI treatment in India.

As the IUI is less expensive it also provides a low pregnancy rate when compared to the IVF. In order to increase the success rate of IUI process, your doctors will suggest the best after IUI care.