This is one question women often ask and think about much. For those about to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI), and those that have undergone the procedure, there are always doubts and questions on will it work? Or how should I make it work? Do not fret. Below are 12 useful tips we have come up with after real survey on how to improve your chances of a successful IUI. let’s zoom in

    Consult an expert 

Consulting an expert should be the first thing to do. A reproductive endocrinologist expert will be perfect. During the consultation, you should have an idea of what the process is all about, steps to take, pros, and cons and possibility ratio of a successful IUI.

    Ensure you choose the right IUI procedure.

It is often said that IUI has much chance of succeeding than intracervical insemination. You must know the right reasons, and the correct insemination procedure to follow. As for the women who are 40 and above, it is not recommended that they undergo IUI as they have a higher rate of success with IVF. The type of fertility, drugs being taken and its timing plays an essential role in the procedure

    Take good care of yourself 

A healthy body means a healthy life. Most of the problems that arise when it’s time to get pregnant are caused by poor diet and unhealthy foods. It is necessary to note that a healthy diet and foods increase the rate of fertility. Eat wholesome foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains. You should include in your diet full-fat dairy products. For those that have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you should always reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein foods.

    Stay Hydrated 

It is necessary to stay hydrated and toxin-free at all times. Water can keep you hydrated and clean your body from all toxins. Drink lots of water. You should avoid taking carbonated drinks and caffeine. These might upset your body balance and increase your sugar level. There should be a daily intake of multivitamin that contains folic acid. Other supplements taken should be prescribed by the physician.

    Reduce stress 

Studies show that there is a lot of stress with people experiencing infertility. Weight can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Pressure can be a trigger for miscarriage in those who are already pregnant. You need to find what can help you de-stress and perform it regularly. Examples of such are riding a bike, doing yoga or support groups.


It is good to do a light task before and after insemination. Avoid strenuous activities as they could cause uterine contractions that interfere with the implantation. Exercises such as jogging and any form of step aerobics, don’t do it. You should perform a light exercise like yoga, walking, and swimming. It is advisable to take it easy to allow your body to relax before and after the procedure.

    Taking an expectorant 

There are fertility drugs which increases the chances of a successful IUI. Prescription of such medications should only be by the physician and not just anyone. Such medications like Clomid and Letrozole increases the likelihood of conception because more eggs are being released for the sperm to fertilize. There are side effects to these drugs that why it is absolutely necessary for the physician to prescribe them to you. It can also be advised to have more IUIs as you never know which one will eventually be successful. 

    Avoid smoking 

It is widely known that smoking is not suitable for health. It has some adverse effect which leads to infertility in women. According to research, it has been noted that women who often smoked, often need more gonadotropin doses which ovarian stimulation uses. This has dramatically affected the success rate of IUI in such women. It is therefore advisable that if you are an avid smoker, you should quit if you are planning on having a child or if you are going to undergo IUI.

    Go for acupuncture 

Acupuncture, when performed, is known to increase the flow of blood. This is needed in the fallopian tube for the egg. This, therefore, increases your chances of getting pregnant. It has been suggested that you can start undergoing acupuncture at least 3 months before you begin the treatment. 

    Consider supplements

There are quite a few supplements that very helpful. However, before these supplements are taken, it must pass through the doctor and must have approval. You can find out based on the diagnoses given to you by the doctor, the specific supplements suitable for you. All supplements must be approved by the doctor. Some of the helpful supplements are Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) and DHEA. 

    Have Sex After IUI 

It is good to have sex after having an IUI treatment. According to doctors, having sex actually helps because the uterus begins to contract, which results in the push of the sperm towards the fallopian tube and the eggs. Therefore don’t shy away from your spouse. Having sex won’t disturb the procedure at all. Instead, it will improve the chances of getting pregnant. 

    Be relaxed

It is essential to do things that make you feel comfortable and happy. When you are trying to get pregnant, you must be able to reflect the joy of having a baby. Emotions during this period matter a lot. Getting pregnant does not just include getting the IUI done and taking medications. It consists of a balance in your feelings also. A woman who is always tense and worried will have a lesser chance of conceiving than a woman who is still happy and calm. Therefore, if these steps are followed thoroughly, then there is a higher chance of having a successful IUI and conceiving a baby.

If you have done an IUI before or about to go for the first time, do let us know of any extra tip we must have missed in the comment section below.