Patient Experience After Laparoscopic
Myomectomy(Removal of Fibroids) By
Dr. Vaishali Sharma

A young female with multiple fibroids
in uterus underwent Laparoscopic Myomectomy
i.e. removal of 7 fibroids including onebroadligament..

Patient Experience After Infertility
Treatment By
Dr. Vaishali Sharma

We were married for 5yrs and were trying for baby.
We consulted many doctors in Nepal, Bihar as well
as in Delhi, but couldn’t get a positive result….

Patient Experience After Ovary Cyst
Treatment By
Dr. Vaishali Sharma

I was looking for the Best gynaecologist
for my sister as she was diagnosed with a
large cyst when she was 2 month pregnant.

Patient Experience After Uterine Polyp
Treatment By Dr. Vaishali Sharma

We found out about Dr Vaishali from Google
and visited her for consultation as we were
trying for pregnancy for 3 yrs but invain.