If you have entered into your thirties and still unable to find a suitable partner for you. Don’t worry and don’t get tensed also. All the elderly ladies of your family like grandmother, maternal aunt, paternal aunt …….etc must be more worried then even your mother. I know its very difficult for you to make them understand that its your life and age is just a matter of number now a days. A person in sixties doesn’t look like a 60yr old now a days. So what if you are not married yet. So what if idea about childbearing and kids seems like a remote planet in a different galaxy. Even then, here is one thing that should always be there at the back of your mind. Recently I got a patient, a highly educated and professionally successful lady in fifth decade of life. Her agony and her words compelled me to write an article on this topic.

She told me she was fourth child of her parents and had two younger siblings as well. She was a brilliant student since childhood and her parents encouraged her for further studies. She was selected for a professional course in one of the topmost professional institute of India. ( Imagine this in India approx 30 yrs back i.e.late 80s). Later she even went abroad for masters and PhD. Meanwhile, she got married, being in her thirties at that time ( Indian parents were more pushy those days). But she kept going even after marriage, worked really hard and finally settled with a shining carrier in Delhi. Now, being well settled and satisfied with her professional achievments, she started to think about pregnancy and childbearing ( just getting into her fourth decade). Her mother had her while being in 40s. She tried for natural conception and waited for 1yr but invain. Worriedly, she booked an appointment with the best gynaecologist nearby. What she came to know, to her horror, was the most horrendous fact, she had heard all her life. Such an intelligent, highly educated woman was devastated to learn that she hardly had any knowledge about reproductive health and biological clock. Her gynaecologist told her that though she can become mother but the child is not going to be genetically her’s. She was given an option of egg donor for getting pregnant. She was told that though she may be getting regular normal periods every month, but the number and quality of eggs in her ovaries were not sufficient to get pregnancy. Hopelessly, she opted for the same ( pregnancy with someone else’s eggs). Now, she is a mother of a daughter 5yrs of age. She is happy that she is a mother but at the same time she has a bitter and genuine grievance ( in her own words)

” No one told me that there is an age for pregnancy and childbearing, my mother had six children, I was born when my mother was in forties, I studied so much, worked hard so much just to learn that my maid has better knowledge of reproductive health and childbearing age then me”.

I, being a gynaecologist, gave her an explanation that I tell each of my young married patients to try for natural pregnancy in thirties and not to waste time after 35yrs, if they feel that they are facing any problem in getting pregnancy. Even then, her agony was genuine and that’s why I felt that I should list down the options available for all such women.

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant After 30

There is an option of How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant After 30 - CryopreservationCryopreservation ( egg freezing) for all women in their early thirties, who are single or even if married, are busy in their professions and want to delay childbirth till their forties. This technique is already in use for many years for preserving fertility of cancer patients before chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Injections are given to produce multiple eggs and then those eggs are retrieved from woman’s body and taken up for freezing them safely. After getting daily injections for 10 or more days, woman is admitted in hospital in morning and discharged in afternoon or evening. This way eggs can be preserved infinitely and studies have shown that with the advancement of the technology, when such eggs are de-freezed, quality is still maintained. But this is an expensive technique so multinational companies have come up with a new idea.

Egg freezing was introduced as a family planning benefit by facebook in 2014. Same trend was followed by Apple, Yahoo, Google etc. Today, many multinationals have included this in their salary packages e.g. Uber, Netflix etc.

It is actually beneficial for women busy with their professions and who want to go for marriage and child births at later stages of life.

But, it is actually debatable, if MNCs should give such luring offers to their employees or work towards providing an environment for better work-home balance.


“Wondering how to increase chances of getting pregnant after 30? Don’t Worry, there is an option of Cryopreservation ( Egg Freezing ) for all women in their early 30’s”.



Author – Dr. Vaishali Sharma

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